01 January 2011

Pasang Lowongan

InfoCPNSBUMNblogspot.com open opportunities to private companies and Government Agencies who want to convey Jobs Vacancies information with the following conditions:

  1. The information displayed is the original information and not false information.
  2. The information displayed is entirely become responsibility of your Company / Agency.
  3. The displayed information includes the position, requirements, deadlines and delivery addresses including logo, are clearly in accordance with the format that you can download here.
  4. We have the rights to change your information semantically, without changing the objective, to comply with the layout of our website.
  5. To enable us to validate your company or agency, use the official e-mail of your company or agency.
  6. Submit your information via e-mail at informasicpns [at] gmail [dot] com.
  7. There is no charge for displaying your job information.

We wait for your information.