26 May 2016

Feby, see how Chelsea Handler went from academic reject to "overcompensated adult"

Feby Fitrianti
The secret to student happiness, Chelsea Handler's journey, and more
Young professionals like you don't have the time to read the hundreds of thousands of posts being published on LinkedIn each week. Luckily, I'm going to do the hard work for you so that you're in the know on some of the best insights. I'm Maya Pope-Chappell, Education and Millennials Editor at LinkedIn. Now, let's jump in.

The Autodidact: Netflix's newest star Chelsea Handler explains how she went from an academic reject to a "semi-respectable, self-educated and overcompensated adult."
Dead-End Academics: JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon writes "too many students are put on traditional academic tracks that lead to dead ends." Here's how he thinks that can be fixed.
Falling Rates: Debt-burdened students got some good news when federal student loan interest rates dropped, but this higher education economist cautions against too much excitement, especially for parents.
AI Revolution: Artificial Intelligence is expected to lead the next industrial revolution — and take over your job. The co-founder of Holberton School has some thoughts on how to prepare for it.
The Good Life: A mega-popular Harvard professor says there's a way for students to be happier — but these ideas go against nearly everything we are told today.
Commencement Advice: Influencer Jeff Selingo offers some tactical advice for graduating seniors on getting started in a job or career, tips that might also help underemployed graduates.
Lady Engineers: Women earn less than 20% of engineering bachelor's degrees in the U.S. Arizona State University President Michael Crow says we must do better.
Censored on Campus: A UC Berkeley journalism student says freedom of speech is being eroded on campus. He calls on potential donors to demand the university "demonstrate an ironclad commitment to free speech."
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