09 January 2015

How the Jobless Spend Their Weekdays

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How the Jobless Spend Their Weekdays
An interactive comparison of a day in the life of 147 men and 147 women without jobs.
Top 10 Signs You Work at a Start-Up
Richard Harris
Happy New Year!It's that time of year where everyone is telling you what to do, how to do it, and how to do it better. Rather...
Thank You LinkedIn
Ryan Giles
On the eve before I start my new job, I want to take a moment to publicly thank the company and the people that have transformed...
Mark Zuckerberg Starts A Book Club, Becomes This Generation's Oprah
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is this generation's version of Oprah. His crowd-sourced New Year's resolutions post on Facebook...
10 Ways to Become a Better Software Engineer
Jeremy Frederick
Here are ten things I have done throughout my career to help me become a better engineer: Diversify your skillset. Learn anything...
10 Ways to Develop Incredible Charisma (Yet Still Be Yourself)
Jeff Haden
Some people instantly make us feel important. Some people instantly make us feel special. Some people light up a room just by...
Why Now Is The Worst Time in 70 Years To Be An Airline Passenger
Most perks and services have already disappeared from air travel, but there's still more to come: Airlines are planning even...
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