06 February 2015

Shared Efforts, Progress For All- A Stronger India-US Partnership

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Shared Efforts, Progress For All- A Stronger India-US Partnership
Narendra Modi
A newsletter that takes you through the highlights of President Obama's recent visit to India, that marked an important moment in...
Inside RadioShack's Slow-Motion Collapse
How did the electronics retailer go broke? Gradually, then all at...
How to Change People Who Don't Want to Change
Joseph Grenny
In our latest "BS Guys" video, we asked two boys to approach smokers on the street. Their goal was to get the smokers...
If I were 22...There is no substitute for intelligence gathering and...
Ziad Abdelnour
There are lots of things I know now that I wish I had known when I was 22.I would have loved to have known for example that the...
Employer Loved Me... Then Rejected Me
J.T. O'Donnell
Here's an email I get at least once each week:I recently had a situation where I was turned down for a position I really wanted...
5 Key Reasons NOT to Quit Your Job
Bernard Marr
When you're unhappy in your current job, it's easy to see leaving as the best option. Sometimes we make rushed...
(I don't believe in) User Stories
Omer Gartzman
As a user, I want to ...You are in a beginning of a sprint, you show your development team your user stories, and (by the book)...
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